The Books are in Russian:

  1. Artem Popov. "Ships in Bottles". (The book is full published on this site.)
  2. Vladimir V. Vozilov and Anatoly T. Kalinin. Eulogias in Bottles: in Search of a Lost Handicraft. Moscow, Ivanovo, Shuya, Referent Publishing House, 2020. 252 p. (Museum)

The Books are in English:

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The Books are in German:

  1. Handbuch fr den Buddelschiffbau Peter Hille/Barry Young Bielefeld 1995
  2. Buddelschiffe Gerhard. G. Herrling Bielefeld 1995
  3. Vom Original zum Buddelschiff: Segelschulschiff Gorch Fock Achim Bielert Koblenz 1990
  4. Buddelschiffe Rainer Jakobi Rostock 1992
  5. Buddel-Schiffe Jack Needham Bielefeld 1989