The Ships in Bottles Associations

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The Ships In Bottles Association Of America

The SIBAA was started in the early 1980's by Don Hubbard to increase the American public's awareness of the art. Worldwide membership since then has increased to over 200. (Now the SIBAA has 500 members). Through the Association, builders find out about one another and share new ideas and techniques. The SIBAA publishes a quarterly journal - The Bottle Shipwright. It features articles written by the Association's members on tools, techniques and themselves. The SIBAA holds a national conference every two years at different locations around the country. The first took place in 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts, the second in 1989 at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Maryland and in 1992 and 1994 at the Ships of the Sea Museum in Savannah, Georgia. In addition, an eastern regional conference was held in Maryland in 1995. The 1996 national conference is scheduled for October in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Membership in the SIBAA is open to everyone, regardless of experience or skill. For a membership application, please write to the Membership Chairman:

Don Hubbard, P.O. Box 180550, Coronado, CA 92178-0550 U.S.A.

Annual dues are $25.00 per year.

European Association of Ships in Bottles

EASIB dedicated to the preservation of the traditional mariner's art of building ships in bottles. EASIB published "The BottleShip" magazine of ships in bottles. Membership is granted to all persons. Now EASIB has 200 members. For further information, please write to the Membership Secretary:

Subscription rates are (per annum): £12 U.K. , $20 U.S.A. and other.


Pat Labistour

tel: 01954 201 535
5 Kingfisher Way, COTTENHAM,Cambridge, CB24 8XN

Alan Rogers editor of "The Bottleship" magazine


The Dutch Association Of Bottleship Builders

Established: September 1985
Members: Average over the years: 80
Magazine: "Welkom aan Boord", Quarterly, Language: Dutch, Size: A-5, 20 pages
Subscription rate: The Netherlands: Euro 15,00 / year
Europe: Euro 18,00 / year
World: Euro 20,00 / year
Meeting: Once a year
Exibitions: Since 1985: ten

The President is Hans de Haan
Treasurer is Dietert Jan Brugma
Editor of "WELKOM AAN BOORD" is Henny Fransen

For a new membership please contact Hans de Haan:


Association Bateaux en Bouteilles


website :
e-mail :

French Association published "Rose des Vents" magazine of ships in bottles. The Association has 100 members.

Deutsche Buddelschiffer Gilde

Deutsche Buddelschiffer Gilde
Gerhard G. Herrling
Theodor-Heuss-Str. 7 a
23560 Luebeck

Japanese Ships in Bottles Association

Japanese Ships in Bottles Association
39-1, 1 chome
Sumiyoshi- ku
Osaka 558

Norway Association - Flaskeskuteforeningen

AV 1978
P.O.Box 893, Sentrum
N-0104 Oslo 1

Swedish Association of Ships in Bottles

Flaskskepparna means about bottle skippers.